Bringing Dreams to Life 

Semar Productions Ltd. is an exciting new independent Canadian film and television entertainment company. Our focus is on creating feature movies and television series while highlighting the beauty of British Columbia. We want to bring your dreams to life.

This company was created to meet the needs of the continuously changing financial landscape of the motion picture industry. We aim to create lasting partnerships with experienced players as well as assisting companies in securing financing, and maximizing production budgets by utilizing the many tax credits available in Canada, and the lower Canadian dollar.

Our team has a combined twenty plus years of film experience ranging from construction to production to office support, giving Semar a unique perspective on the making of films from the ground floor to the highest levels. We are a new company in the industry but this has not stopped us from achieving great things.

Our offices are currently located on the grounds of Canadian Motion Picture Park, and we have already seen the mentoring benefits from this partnership. We have direct access to network with industry professionals as well as obtaining early access to studio space scheduling when going into production. This is a huge advantage for our company, as studio space in Vancouver is in high demand and not always available. With our offices being located on the grounds, our production staff have the advantage to monitor the on-going projects, and ensure we are coming in on budget and on time. 

Semar has positioned itself to make some major inroads into the film industry both here in Canada as well as in the global community.  With quality staff and mentors from industry insiders, Semar is ready to jump to the next level and is looking forward to establishing strong, lasting relationships.

Take a look at what is on our slate right now.