Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion’s Crowdfunding campaign

Hi Everyone, my first vlog here (I believe I have room for improvement) and it is about the new crowdfunding campaign that has come out from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion.


As the cool kids know they were the pilot and captain of a lovely lil show called Firefly that was canceled far to early. Now they have teamed up to create a new web series of their adventure of going to a variety comicon conventions called Con Man!.

So far this campaign has been a huge success and  they have surpassed their goal of $425K for 3 episodes and are on their way to $1.75M goal for a full season.

Now The success of this campaign is due greatly to their history together and the other celebs they plan to bring into the shows. For small start ups like SEMAR we dont have this option and have to go with more traditional routes since no one knows who we are yet. So we are going with private equity,biggest benefit to this is that we will retain more control over production. The other option would be getting funding from studios but they then call the shots, but do take on the risk.

So for Allan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, I am sure you will surpass your goal of one season and I look forward to seeing what you produce.

Have you heard of Firefly? (a must watch on Netflix if you like Sci Fi) Have you ever seen a crowfunding campaign that was not suited for crowdfunding? Have you ever tried crowdfunding?



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  1. As a huge nerd and a big fan of the Firefly franchise, I’m really looking forward to seeing Con Man push through. They made a good decision with using crowdfunding for the project. You not only have people from their own fan base (and this includes the fans of their lesser known projects like Dr. Horrible) supporting them but the fans and followers of numerous other conventions who completely understand the jokes and nuances of these types of events. I also think that the project being crowdfunded just lends to its more indie feel and credibility for market they’re targeting.

    You raised a good point, though, about crowdfunding not always being the best idea, especially for start ups. It can be tricky since no one really has a formula for what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it would be best to stick to what you know if you’re sure more progress can be made that way.

    Thanks for sharing, Susan! And loving the Batman paraphernalia in the back, btw. 😉

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