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Unsolicited Content
Sorry to say guys but we do not take unsolicited scripts or ideas, just like every other production company.
We have no doubt that your script will be the best we have ever read, but unfortunately we have a process for receiving them and can only take a small number in to read when we are not in production.
If you would like to talk to us about your idea please give us a shout and we will get back to you.
Please do not send the scripts or any other attachments otherwise we will have to delete them without opening.

How to submit content
Send us a maximum two sentence brief on your idea, making sure you include the genre. In addition if it is a TV show advise how much additional material you have in terms of episodes and bible.
If your email sparks development's interest then they will email you our address and more information. It must only be for the script mentioned. If anything else is accidentally included it will be returned. All scripts must be sent by hard copy.
Please don't expect an immediate response. The team have a lot of scripts to read through and when they do read it they will come back to you. We promise.

Copyright Policy
We are protected by Canada’s copyright laws. If you believe Semar Productions has infringed on your copyright you may send us a notice requesting the material be removed with consideration. But note that false allegations of infringing on this law comes at serious consequences.

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Thank you
A big thank you to Tyler for creating the video and theme to help us make this website possible.