The start of SEMAR


Hello and welcome to my new blog Building SEMAR Productions. This will cover my experiences of the process; starting a new career while being a student, being part of a start-up media production company, creating an extra-provincial company in BC, creating a logo and so much more.

First let’s start at the beginning.

I was sick and tired of my career path of a project accountant only 7 months after completing my BBA of Accounting so I quit my job to do some soul searching. This did not last long. 1 week later my husband (yes I am starting this company with my husband and other partners) told me his business partners had been talking and they wanted to start a media production company and wanted me to be a part of it, what part had not yet been decided. After more discussion I learnt that this new company would be set up in the United States where the partners are located and would help my husband get his work visa as an Executive Producer. I was very excited!

Now I am sure this has left you with many questions so let me see if I can answer them now.

My husband is a partner in a lending company based in the US, he has been not working for the company as he does not have a work visa in Canada (he is British)but kept on retainer until he gets his visa as he has a very unique skill set for the industry he is in.  We were married in August and have started the process for sponsorship but that takes time and money for lawyers so nothing has been finalized. In November my husband discovered a new route to receive his visa faster; getting the executive producer visa while the sponsorship is being processed in the background and so SEMAR Productions LLC was created.

The name is an acronym of the partner’s last names.

Why a media production company? My husband had a previous career in film and studied at UCLA and another partner has aided in acquiring financing for a variety of films and has a close relative who acts which has given him firsthand experience in the industry. Both of these men have the passion we rarely see these days, but it is the type of passion that makes new companies soar in their field above the rest and create something inspiring and magical. The other partner and I see this passion and are excited to work together on this new venture. The other partner is bringing his finance background and I have decided my best place in this company would be to stay out of the movie side of things (for the sake of my sanity and my husbands)and help set up the company in Canada and later manage marketing and public relations and let me creativity shine. I hope this clears up some questions.

So as of today;

  • The lending company is generating new customers to fund SEMAR Productions
  • We now have 8 scripts waiting for the green light in our files
  • Have letters of intent signed from a variety of celebs to play roles in said scripts
  • Plan to launch our website February 1st  and have offices set up in Vancouver very shortly after
  • Have our launch party April 4th
  • Agreed on a concept for our logo but needs tweaking
  • Created our mission statement “Bringing Dreams to Life.”

So far we have accomplished a lot but there is so much more to do, stay tuned as I know this is going to be a great ride.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any advice; for a first time entrepreneur, or questions.

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  1. Have you funded any movies..I have a list film actors etc. Just wanted to know who you have funded see nothing on IMDB

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