Top 5 reasons why blogging has worked for SEMAR

  1. Helped to start establish our name and brand


So we created a brand new word and are entering a new industry, could we make it any harder on ourselves? With this blog it can give people more information about who we are, where we are and where we want to go. It is not vital to our business or industry but so far we have been contacted by 2 potential clients.

  1. Boosted us in SEO


Again the same problem with use creating a new word, how do we spread this word? With me talking about a variety of topics we start to become relevant on the internet. Sure I don’t know much now but am always open to feedback and constructive criticism towards improvement. Did I mention 2 potential customers have contacted us via this blog?

  1. Easy way to keep people up to date on our business

So far we have a small following of interested people looking for information about the setup of the company and how we are achieving each goal. The blog has and will be a good way to keep people quickly up to date.

  1. It is easy

Blogging is easier then you may think. Sure some “experts” tell you to blog every day and keep it interesting, but if you don’t have anything interesting to say don’t stress over it and miss a few days. Enjoy the blog for what it is, this is not the source of revenue for the company but a added online presence and outlet for the company.

  1. Exercise my Creativity


You need to be able to enjoy doing this. My last job was in accounting and it had some fun but got old fast. Now I can choose what I share and be more personal about it and picking the topics that interest me that are related to this new company.

I am now finished the course which started this blog but I do intend to keep this blog alive, maybe we can get potential customer #3. Stay tuned for stories about, how to start a business in British Columbia, office hunting in Vancouver, creating our first slate of movies and so much more. Let me know if you have any topic suggestions or if you have any questions about starting a business.