Us vs Them

My Inspiration for this blog - Find a company that aligns with the theme of your blog and review one aspect of how they approach social media. Discuss how that part of their approach impacts their brand positioning and why that is good (or bad).

Us vs Them

Social media is a funny thing for media production companies. Usually social media is used by companies to get a conversation started with their customers, for production companies our customers are not the mass public and so many companies do not stress the need to integrate with social media. This is a missed opportunity because social media is a good publicity tool production companies should be using to create buzz for movies they are working on to receive higher ticket sales or ratings when the production is released.

Today I am taking a look at two other production companies in Vancouver, Brightlight Pictures and Sepia Films and how they use social media and how we at SEMAR Productions intend to use social media. These established companies take a good and bad approach to social media, according to myself of course. I am taking into account their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


First their websites; Brightlight have included a demo reel video of work they have done and a news feed but has nothing to do with social media. The only contact information provided is their email and mailing address.


Sepia Films has an active news feed and on their homepage they invite you to follow and like them on social media, only missing the link to their Instagram account


SEMAR currently is just a landing page with a contact button, but we intend to have quick links to social media accounts and this blog if the blog is not already integrated into the site. I would also like to see on the site an updated stream of all related hashtags to projects we are working on. This stream of pictures and tweets will help generate a bigger following for our brand as more people will get to see who is involved in our community.


Onto Facebook, Brightlight was difficult to find and when I did find them their page looked like a Wikipedia page, lots of reading which most people do not pay attention to when looking at a website and only 88 likes. Obviously no one in the company cares about their impression on Facebook or that they are losing out of easy marketing for their productions.


Sepia I found right away as I followed the link from their website. Their page is active with currently 615 likes, 4 posts this year, they even have reviews of their past work and a link to their Instagram account. I can see their posting habits are in line with their production schedule, they only post when they are working, and none of these annoying TGIF posts we already see so much from our friends who hate their jobs.


For SEMAR I intend to take a lesson out of the Sepia play book and follow their lead. Currently we are not in production but I have started a Facebook page and intend to post general news related to Hollywood North that our viewers will find interesting. I will also encourage reviews and provide links to our other social media accounts


And again Brightlight is showing us how to not use social media, their twitter account has been inactive since January of last year! And I did not find them on Instagram


Sepia, my good example for utilizing social media as you can now tell, right on track. They actively use their accounts Twitter & Instagram, posting their original content and reposting affiliated content. They have a strong following base including fans, celebrities and new channels. With each new production comes a new hashtag helping to promote the production and spread their brand.


SEMARs Twitter and Instagram page like our Facebook page is just getting started. We will be keeping followers interested with related content and updates but making sure to utilize it every step of the way to increase our marketing efforts for the company and our products.