We have office space!!

So things around Semar Productions is really starting to take shape.

This month we received our first set of business cards. I did the design online because the program available on the website I chose was easy to use and they were not too expensive. But of course there were risks, the cut of the stock is poor with fibers still attached to some cards and I did not take into consideration “Bleed” room!! I had never even heard of this. This is when images on the card touch or extend beyond the trim of the card, so the card needs to be printed on a larger card and trimmed down. These will now be used for lunch draws

business cards

The very exciting news….. we now have office space at Canadian Motion Picture Park! This is a great honor and a privilege for a little start-up company like us as this space is usually reserved from Sony or alike. This opportunity CMPP has given us will help establish our company by leaps and bounds giving us greater access to industry contacts and allowing us a major first step into the industry and establishing our reputation.

So much to look forward to this summer